Data Space for Tourism

Nowadays, data is everywhere, generated from diverse sources at unimaginable speed. However, it is often fragmented, in different formats, and difficult to access. To harness the full potential of data, the European Commission has outlined the European Data Strategy, envisaging a single market where data flows across sectors within the EU for the benefit of society.

The Data Space for Tourism is one part of this marketplace that shall enable all sector stakeholder groups (e.g., SMEs, governmental agencies, technology firms, and tourism entities at the national, regional, and local scales of operation) to share and access the data they require when they need it.

The Consortium is inviting you to share your opinions and needs related to the access and sharing of data by taking part in online questionnaires and in-person workshops that will inform the design of the DSFT. If you are interested, please fill in this short online form and opt-in to participate in the project.

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Project Partners

European Travel Commission, City Destinations Alliance, Modul University and ForwardKeys – four trusted tourism parties with different fields of expertise – has come together to set out the foundation of this secure data space for tourism. Following the bottom-up approach, which builds a “culture of data sharing” among stakeholder groups, the consortium wants to ensure that the Data Space for Tourism is a sustainable solution, mirroring the diversity of needs within the European tourism sector.


Do you have any questions, suggestions, or would you like to contribute something to designing the data space for tourism?

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